Friday, April 14, 2006

Tax Terms For Sports Fans

Monday is the deadline for Americans to file their 2005 tax returns with the IRS. It’s easy to be confused by all the terminology involved with filing. With that in mind, the list below includes numerous tax terms and what they mean to sports fans.

1040: Projected total yardage for Texas in its 2006 opener versus North Texas

1099: What you’d see in Madison Square Garden if the retired jerseys of Walt Frazier and Wayne Gretzky were side by side

CPA: A summary of last year’s World Series: Chicago Pummels the Astros

Capital Gain: What the Washington hockey team experienced after drafting Alexander Ovechkin

Charitable Contribution: What the Twins gave to the Red Sox by letting go of David Ortiz

Deduction: What an ice dancing pair receives after one partner body-slams the other to the ice

Dependent: How so many top recent sluggers were toward steroids

E-File: Bio of NBA Hall of Famer Elvin (“The Big E”) Hayes

Exemption: What Terrell Owens wants from team rules

H&R Block: What H&R will do if you drive the lane against him

IRS: What Alford’s alma mater did in its coaching search: Indiana Rejected Steve

Jackson-Hewitt: The summer basketball camp run by Phil Jackson and Georgia Tech coach Paul Hewitt

Refund: What Spike Lee should demand for his Knicks season tickets

Schedule A: The list of games for an Oakland baseball player

W-2: Official scorer’s entry when President Bush throws out the first pitch to a catcher

Withholding: The best way to keep Michael Strahan from the quarterback