Monday, April 16, 2007

IRS & The Sports World

As procrastinating taxpayers are all too aware, Tuesday is the deadline for filing 2006 returns. In sports terms, the IRS is even less popular than the BCS. However, “Internal Revenue Service” is just one representation of those three letters. Here are numerous other IRS references found in the sports world.

Why one shock jock is out of a job: Imus’s Rutgers Slurs

Outcome of Super Bowl XLI: Indianapolis Reigned Supreme

What Jose Canseco did for Texas teammates: Injected Rangers’ Steroids

NCAA selection committee’s statement to Jim Boeheim: Invitation Rejected, Syracuse

Why Lendl was never embraced by the public: Ivan’s Robotic Style

Johnny Damon’s 2004 champions: Idiot Red Sox

Key to the Steelers’ offense: Impounding Roethlisberger’s Suzuki

St. John’s basketball in recent years: Impotent Red Storm

Result of 2006 World Cup: Italy Ruled Soccer

Ideal Game 3 scenario for Flames: Iginla Reverses Series

Information the Knicks don’t need: Isiah’s Ring Size

Danica Patrick: Indy Racing Starlet

What Darren McFadden will display this fall: Insane Razorback Speed

Cleveland baseball players’ thoughts on the weather: Indians Resent Snow

Marshall Faulk in retirement: Inactive Rams Superstar

What Sean May ensured in 2005: Illini’s Runner-up Status

Clint Barmes after he fell down the stairs: Incapacitated Rockies Shortstop

Why teams miss the playoffs: Inadequate Regular Season

Notre Dame’s fate in BCS bowls: Irish Routed Soundly

NHL playoff outcome from 1980 to 1983: Islanders Raised Stanley

Ed Reed: Intimidating Ravens Safety

Challenge for basketball visitors to East Lansing: Izzo’s Rugged Spartans

Common sight in Safeco Field: Ichiro Rips Singles

Ideal first round scenario for Nuggets: Iverson Repels Spurs

How a Cowboys receiver spent his off-field time: Irvin Revered Strippers

Hoosiers’ downfall against UCLA: Indiana’s Rotten Shooting

What Oklahoma encountered last fall in Eugene: Inexplicable Replay Snafu

Zach Johnson at The Masters: Iowan Reached Summit

Oakland football experience in recent years: Intolerable Raider Sundays

Result of Dancing Homer’s inspiration on The Simpsons: Isotopes Rocked Springfield