Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Awards Season Primer For Sports Fans

The Golden Globes have been awarded, and it’s just over a month until the Academy Awards ceremony.  Below are 20 films that are likely to be in contention for major honors at the Oscars.  Each movie’s connection to the sports world is summarized.



Brokeback Mountain:  Skiing the Olympic downhill race while drunk, Bode Miller breaks his back on a Torino mountain.


Capote:  A New York journalist travels to Kansas to investigate an event that has haunted local residents – Roy Williams’s departure to Chapel Hill.


Cinderella Man:  As part of a treasured annual college basketball tradition, a mid-major coach leads his team to the Sweet 16, then bolts for greener pastures.


The Constant Gardener:  The Chicago White Sox’ home opener is delayed when an obsessive-compulsive groundskeeper refuses to leave the field.


Crash:  The first SportsCenter highlight of any NASCAR race.


Good Night, and Good Luck:  Words uttered to former teammates by the endless parade of USC players declaring for the NFL draft.


A History of Violence:  The National Hockey League unveils its catchy new slogan.


Munich:  NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue announces the 2006 location of the New Orleans Saints’ home games.


Hustle & Flo:  Pete “Charlie Hustle” Rose inspires Florence Griffith-Joyner to a record-setting performance at the 1988 Summer Olympics.


Junebug:  The sickness NBA commissioner David Stern will feel after another low-rated Finals series.


King Kong:  After stealing from one too many boxers, promoter Don King flees to Hong Kong.


Match Point:  What Roger Federer’s Australian Open opponents will face after half an hour of play.


Memoirs of a Geisha:  The Japanese influx into the major leagues reaches another level when a geisha signs with the San Francisco Giants and wins the National League batting title.


Mrs. Henderson Presents:  Rickey Henderson’s wife introduces her husband at his 2009 Baseball Hall of Fame enshrinement.  Rickey requires some convincing after originally insisting, “Rickey wants Rickey to present Rickey.”


North Country:  The only slapstick comedy among the contenders, providing a profile of the NFC North.


Pride and Prejudice:  Two qualities in large supply for Adolph Rupp during his Kentucky basketball coaching career.


The Squid and the Whale:  Two discarded suggestions in the Tampa Bay Devil Rays’ search for a new nickname.


Syriana:  A look into the world of Oil and money – specifically, the contentious 1980s contract negotiations between Dennis “Oil Can” Boyd and the Boston Red Sox.


Transamerica:  A recap of all of Larry Brown’s coaching stops.


Walk the Line:  In a move considered a formality by most observers, the NBA officially legalizes traveling.


So there’s your primer for the big Hollywood event on February 27.  If you’re looking for insight on red carpet fashion, go somewhere else.