Sunday, May 07, 2006

Barbaro & Barbosa: A Comparison

On Saturday, Barbaro remained undefeated to win the Kentucky Derby by 6 ½ lengths. Later, Leandro Barbosa scored a game-high 26 points as the Phoenix Suns routed the Los Angeles Lakers 121-90 in a decisive game 7. Barbaro and Barbosa share more than similar names, as the following comparison demonstrates.

Barbaro: Won a race that was over in two minutes
Barbosa: Won a game 7 that was over in two minutes

Barbaro: Inspired fans to drink mint juleps
Barbosa: Drove Lakers fans to drink heavily

Barbaro: Wants to win the Triple Crown
Barbosa: Survived thanks to Tim Thomas’s triple

Barbaro: Spends lots of time in the stables
Barbosa: Spending lots of time at Staples

Barbaro: Overcame stumble at the opening bell
Barbosa: Overcame suspension of Raja Bell

Barbaro: Triumphed after five weeks off
Barbosa: Triumphed to give Kobe five months off

Barbaro: A very athletic animal
Barbosa: Watches a very athletic animal – the Phoenix Gorilla

Barbaro: Same species as Mr. Ed
Barbosa: Same team as Mr. Eddie House

Barbaro: Became a shining star at Churchill Downs
Barbosa: Frustrated the star of The Shining

Barbaro: Runs like Smarty Jones
Barbosa: Runs with James Jones, who’s smart

Barbaro: Experienced victory in “The Run For the Roses”
Barbosa: Gets interviewed after victories by Jalen Rose

Barbaro: Will someday race in the Breeders Cup
Barbosa: Plays in a league of prolific breeders

Barbaro: Led by a small man riding him
Barbosa: Led by a small man who won MVP

Barbaro: A colt who came through in the clutch
Barbosa: Came through in the clutch, unlike the Colts

Barbaro: Excelled after playing of My Old Kentucky Home
Barbosa: Excelled and sent Phil Jackson home

Indeed, Saturday was a fantastic day for both Barbaro and Barbosa. If Vinnie Barbarino from Welcome Back, Kotter had been in action, he would have dominated, too.