Friday, June 16, 2006

College World Series: Links Between the ACC & Non-ACC Participants

The College World Series begins today at Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha. Four of the eight teams – Clemson, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, and Miami – have an obvious connection to each other as fellow members of the ACC. The bonds between these four and Cal State Fullerton, Georgia, Oregon State, and Rice may not be as obvious. However, each ACC participant does share links to its non-conference counterparts, as illustrated by notable individuals who have spent time at the schools.


Cal State Fullerton: Marc Cherry created Desperate Housewives
Clemson: Kris Benson has a wife who’s desperate for attention

Clemson: Dwight Clark teamed up with Jerry Rice
Georgia: Wayne Knight, as Newman, tormented Jerry Seinfeld

Clemson: Brian Dawkins motivates his Philadelphia Eagles teammates
Oregon State: Sara Jean Underwood, Playboy’s Miss July, motivates sperm donors

Rice: Norm Charlton was one of the Cincinnati Reds’ “Nasty Boys”
Clemson: Strom Thurmond kept doing the nasty in old age, fathering four children after turning 68


Georgia Tech: John Salley co-hosts The Best Damn Sports Show Period
Cal State Fullerton: Kevin Costner’s The Postman was called “the worst damn movie period”

Georgia: The Heat’s Shandon Anderson seeks the Larry O’Brien Trophy
Georgia Tech: Jeff Foxworthy seeks yuks with Larry the Cable Guy

Oregon State: Linus Pauling won Nobel Prizes in chemistry and peace
Georgia Tech: Stephon Marbury disrupts his team’s chemistry and peace

Georgia Tech: Football coach Chan Gailey once coached the Cowboys
Rice: Larry McMurtry wrote a screenplay about gay cowboys


Cal State Fullerton: Gwen Stefani, with No Doubt, sang “Don’t Speak”
North Carolina: Stuart Scott inspires many viewers to wish he didn’t speak

North Carolina: Louise Fletcher, as Nurse Ratched, worked in a nuthouse
Georgia: Zell Miller, as a U.S. senator, works in a nuthouse

Oregon State: High jumper Dick Fosbury invented the Fosbury Flop
North Carolina: The Matt Doherty coaching era was a flop

North Carolina: Julius Peppers leaves quarterbacks “All Shook Up”
Rice: Lance Berkman is called “Fat Elvis”


Miami: The Rock starred in Walking Tall
Cal State Fullerton: Bruce Bowen is tall and sometimes walks

Georgia: Champ Bailey puts hits on opponents
Miami: Suzy Kolber got hit on by Joe Namath

Miami: Gloria Estefan promised, “The rhythm is gonna get you”
Oregon State: Chad Johnson proved her correct with his touchdown dances

Rice: Alberto Gonzales is the United States attorney general
Miami: The U’s football players generally need attorneys

The involvement of eight teams, as well as the double-elimination format, makes the College World Series different from its major league counterpart. However, one thing remains the same: no one from the National League will win this World Series, either.