Tuesday, August 01, 2006

One Year In The Books!

Today represents the one-year anniversary of Jack’s Sports Humor. It is cause for celebration, so feel free to raise a glass before reading the rest of this entry. In honor of the festive occasion, a mariachi band is crowded around my computer as I type today’s column.

The magic all started last August 1 with a simple limerick:

There was a great rider named Lance
Who crushed all his rivals in France
He won’t try for eight
But he will celebrate
As Sheryl Crow takes off his pants

Indeed, August 1 is a day for historic entries. On that date in 1944, Anne Frank made the final entry in her diary. Miss Frank gave the world a powerful, heart-breaking work treasured by millions around the world. However, I can honestly say that my blog is far more informed about the sports world than her diary was, and I try to provide more laughs than that depressing “hiding from the Nazis” theme.

The above limerick – written before Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow parted ways – shows that much can change in a year’s time. Last August 1, Bill Cowher and Mack Brown couldn’t win the big one. Chicago was 88 years removed from its last World Series championship. And George Mason was that creepy kid you remembered from high school because of his body odor.

Through it all, I have faithfully written about sports issues from an absurd point of view. I promise more of the same in year two, dedicating myself to beating the dreaded sophomore jinx. If any of my columns are not up to snuff, I pledge to respond like any self-respecting athlete would. I’ll blame my failure on a referees’ conspiracy.

I am very thankful to all of you who have visited this site on a regular basis. I would love to attract more readers, so please forward my URL to other sports fans with a sense of humor. I won’t beg, since you can’t see me anyway, so dropping to my knees and pleading would just be silly. Plus it would scare off the mariachi band. But you get the point.

Thanks for reading, and come back soon! Oh, and before I forget, happy 227th birthday to Francis Scott Key.