Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Denzel Washington-Related Storylines For The NFL Season

Just over two weeks remain until Pittsburgh and Miami kick off the NFL season on September 7. Around the league, undrafted rookies hope to beat the odds and stay on a team’s roster. John David Washington, a running back from Morehouse College, looks to do so with the St. Louis Rams. Unlike the other hopefuls, Washington happens to have an Academy Award-winning father named Denzel. Even without family considerations, Denzel Washington has numerous links to professional football this fall. His film titles are particularly relevant to the NFL, as noted below.

The Bone Collector: New England safety Rodney Harrison returns from injury, determined to claim body parts from receivers.

Courage Under Fire: What new quarterback Steve McNair will need behind the Ravens’ porous offensive line.

Crimson Tide: Former Alabama star Shaun Alexander lights up the NFL again, staying focused despite the power struggle between Denzel and Gene Hackman.

Cry Freedom: Although Dick Vermeil has retired, the Chiefs maintain the freedom to cry during emotional post-game press conferences.

Glory: Pittsburgh looks to repeat as Super Bowl champs, with an injured Ben Roethlisberger being replaced by Matthew Broderick.

He Got Game: What Peyton Manning hopes his friend Tonto will say on Super Sunday: “Peyton busy today. He got game.”

The Hurricane: A year after Katrina, New Orleans returns to the Superdome. Last year was also a reminder of Denzel’s TV days: Saint Elsewhere.

Inside Man: Inside linebacker Brian Urlacher continues to be the man, starring in a Lovie Smith joint.

John Q: The new name of Carolina Panthers coach John Fox. He changes his last name after becoming furious over comments made about him on a Fox telecast.

Malcolm X: Tampa Bay owner Malcolm Glazer becomes excessively hands-on, insisting on taking x-rays of injured players himself.

The Manchurian Candidate: In a puzzling move, new NFL commissioner Roger Goodell requires each team with a coaching vacancy to interview a candidate from Manchuria.

Man On Fire: The name of Chad Johnson’s elaborate new touchdown dance, drawing a 15-yard penalty.

Moe Better Blues: The disappointment John David Washington will feel if the Rams cut him, because Moe Williams is better.

Out Of Time: At season’s end, Brett Favre sees time run out on his Hall of Fame career. Cheesehead-wearing fans will continue to follow him on the golf course.

Philadelphia: The Eagles look to rebound from a season that, like the film, was filled with drama. But it didn’t bring any awards.

Remember The Titans: The arrival of Vince Young reminds NFL fans that Tennessee still has a team.

The Siege: Lions president Matt Millen receives his typical reaction from Detroit fans.

A Soldier’s Story: Kellen Winslow’s career finally gets on track in Cleveland.

Training Day: Each day at training camp, Bill Parcells looks over at Terrell Owens and thinks, “Why me?”

Although he is 51, do not be surprised if Denzel himself attracts attention from NFL scouts. After all, he’s always looked good on film.