Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Rocky Balboa & Allen Iverson: A Comparison

A Philadelphia icon returned to action today, as Rocky Balboa opened in theatres across America. Rocky's reappearance came one day after another sports legend, Allen Iverson, said goodbye to the City of Brotherly Love. One is known as AI, while the other had the Eye of the Tiger. Here's a comparison of The Italian Stallion and The Answer.

Rocky: Was focused in the ring with Apollo.
Iverson: Will focus on a ring with Carmelo.

Rocky: Trainer Mickey died of a heart attack.
Iverson: Gives his coaches heart attacks.

Rocky: Took hundreds of shots in a fight.
Iverson: Takes hundreds of shots in a game.

Rocky: Was mates for life with Adrian.
Iverson: Was teammates for 27 games with Adrian Caldwell.

Rocky: Had Cold War battle with Ivan Drago.
Iverson: Had Cold War battle with Larry Brown.

Rocky: For a while, his statue was outside the 76ers' home arena.
Iverson: After December 8, he stayed outside the 76ers' home arena.

Rocky: Immortalized while jumping atop the Art Museum steps.
Iverson: Immortalized while yelling, "We talkin' bout practice!"

Rocky: Fought in six movies, although everyone forgets about Rocky V.
Iverson: Played for six Philly coaches, although everyone forgets about Randy Ayers.

Rocky: Trained by chasing a chicken.
Iverson: Has played with lots of turkeys.

Rocky: Had a great moment, proposing to Adrian in the snow.
Iverson: Had lots of great moments with Eric Snow.

Rocky: Has occasional squabbles with Paulie.
Iverson: Has occasional battles with Paul Pierce and Chris Paul.

Rocky: Likes to punch ribs.
Iverson: New teammates like to punch Knicks.

Rocky: Trained Tommy Gunn.
Iverson: Played with Kenny Thomas, and likes guns.

Rocky: Focus of an Oscar-winning movie.
Iverson: Won MVP, like Oscar Robertson.