Saturday, December 23, 2006

A Quick Look At NFL Week 16

The Green Bay Packers opened the NFL's week 16 Thursday night with a 9-7 victory over the Minnesota Vikings in the latest potential finale for Brett Favre. It is too soon to say how many "final games" will be played by the legendary quarterback, but he is unlikely to threaten Roger Clemens's record. Here's a quick look at the remaining 15 NFL games this week.


Kansas City Chiefs @ Oakland Raiders: The Raiders are desperate for offense as an old AFL rival comes to town. So Daryle Lamonica will start at quarterback.


Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers: In honor of the 7-7 Steelers and 6-6 Pitt Panthers, NASCAR will hold the Pittsburgh 500 at Heinz Field. Look for the Steelers to pick up speed down the stretch, and Pitt to run out of gas.

Carolina Panthers @ Atlanta Falcons: Panthers quarterback Chris Weinke has lost 17 straight starts. In the off-season, he plans to sign with the Washington Generals.

Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions: A week after squeaking by 3-11 Tampa Bay, the Bears visit the 2-12 Lions. Next week, they take on Temple.

Indianapolis Colts @ Houston Texans: It's no surprise that the Colts' much-maligned defense rose to the occasion against Cincinnati. Around the Bengals, you often hear, "Will the defense please rise?"

New England Patriots @ Jacksonville Jaguars: Last week, Jacksonville surrendered three defensive touchdowns against Tennessee. The Jags vow that this Sunday, their offense will tackle better.

New Orleans Saints @ New York Giants: The Giants have a losing record at home. So like last year's visit from the Saints, they're calling this one a "road game."

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Cleveland Browns: The Bucs hope for a rare cold-weather victory as, oh, you don't care...

Tennessee Titans @ Buffalo Bills: The Titans have amazed everyone by winning five straight. Just don't use the word "Miracle" around Bills fans.

Washington Redskins @ St. Louis Rams: If Washington University is in St. Louis, why isn't St. Louis University in Washington?

Arizona Cardinals @ San Francisco 49ers: In high school, Niners QB Alex Smith handed off to Bush (Reggie). Now he does the same to Gore (Frank). Staying with the 2000 election theme, we'll have to wait a month to find out who wins this game.

Cincinnati Bengals @ Denver Broncos: Chad Johnson got to town early to practice his snow angels. Meanwhile, Isiah Thomas has already accused Denver of running up the score.

San Diego Chargers @ Seattle Seahawks: Expect the Chargers' team plane to make multiple landings in Seattle. With LT on board, you can't have just one touchdown.


Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys: Having lost in the Superdome and the RCA Dome, the Eagles are thankful for the hole in the Texas Stadium roof. Like the Sixers and Flyers, they can't win indoors.

New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins: In last week's victory over Minnesota, Jets QB Chad Pennington passed for a career-high 339 yards. He credited an inspiring pep talk from his old Marshall coach, Matthew McConaughey.