Thursday, November 08, 2007

The WGA in Sports

This week’s major story in the entertainment world is the strike by the Writers Guild of America. Although that WGA is currently out of action, the WGA acronym is very much alive in the sports world. So even while the writers walk the picket line, you can still get your WGA fix right here.

Most common question at the Bengals’ offices: Who Got Arrested?

Red Sox’ ALDS result: Waxed Guerrero’s Angels

Alternative for Notre Dame fans this Saturday: Watching Georgia-Auburn

Tiger on Sunday with the lead: Woods: Golfing Assassin

NBA’s Tim Donaghy headache: Whistleblower’s Gambling Addiction

NBA viewers’ headache: Walton’s Grating Announcing

Jimmie Johnson fans’ request to other drivers: Wreck Gordon’s Automobile

Kentucky vs. Gardner-Webb result, as told to Judd: Wildcats Gagged, Ashley

Advice Joba Chamberlain should have heeded: Warning: Gnat Attack!

Items in Rams and Dolphins game recaps: Washington Generals Allusions

Recent exclamation from Paul Pierce: Welcome Garnett, Allen!

Braves’ pitching plans: Want Glavine Again

Strange College GameDay locale this week: Williams ‘Gainst Amherst?

Roger Federer each July: Wimbledon God Annually

Soldier Field nuisance: Woeful Grossman Accuracy

Achievement no college hoops’ coach can approach: Wooden’s Golden Age

Inspiration for college football underdogs: Wolverines? Go Appalachian!

Most clutch blogger: Wizards’ Gilbert Arenas

Announcement eliminating team from next year’s World Series: We Grabbed Alex!

Source of Edmonton players’ happiness in the 80s: Wayne Gretzky Assists

Patriots’ February preference over cold Foxborough: Warm Glendale, Arizona

Oregon Ducks’ only major shortcoming: Wretched Green Attire

Pitchers’ typical approach to facing Bonds: Walk Giant Always

Still doing the job in Green Bay: Wisconsin Grandpa’s Arm

Most surprising revelation in sports: White Guy’s Athletic!