Sunday, April 13, 2008

Green Jacket & Similar Awards

Sunday in Augusta, South African Trevor Immelman completed a three-stroke victory at The Masters. In relegating Tiger Woods to second place, Immelman claimed the prestigious Green Jacket. As Jim Nantz tells us every spring, the coveted blazer is part of what makes this tournament “a tradition unlike any other.” But what if the Green Jacket weren’t so unique in the sports world? Here’s a look at similar awards that could be given for certain honors.

Top NFL defensive back: Darrell Green Jacket

Leader in NHL penalty minutes: Mean Jacket

Outstanding Indiana basketball player: Crean Jacket

Outstanding North Carolina basketball player: Dean Jacket

Chris Berman broadcasting award: Leather Jacket

Best MLB closer, in honor of Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn: Sheen Jacket

Athlete most photographed by paparazzi: Scene Jacket

Ricky Williams running back award: Smoking Jacket

Women’s singles champion at U.S. Open: Billie Jean Jacket

Top player in Oakland A’s organization: Beane Jacket

Athlete with best rendition of We Are The Champions: Queen Jacket

Most accurate driver on PGA Tour: Straight Jacket

Best athlete under the age of 20: Teen Jacket

Award claimed by Lance Armstrong, but no one in France believes him: Clean Jacket

Outstanding athlete at Georgia Tech: Yellow Jacket

NBA leader in setting picks: Screen Jacket

Best performance by an athlete in a heart-warming Coke commercial: Mean Joe Greene Jacket

Award for anyone who joins Augusta National: Members-Only Jacket