Thursday, May 03, 2007

Kentucky Derby Names & Their Other Sports Meanings

Yesterday in Louisville, the draw was held to determine starting positions for Saturday’s Kentucky Derby. 20 horses are scheduled to compete in the Run for the Roses at Churchill Downs. Beyond horse racing, each of the 20 names relates to the sports world in some other way. Here’s a rundown, in order of post position.

1. Sedgefield: Why Sedge will win a Gold Glove, according to Tarzan.

2. Curlin: An ice-oriented sport the Chicago Black Hawks might want to try, since hockey hasn’t worked out.

3. Zanjero: What Harry Caray would call Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano.

4. Storm in May: Something the Seattle Mariners do not want to see, after a postponement-filled April.

5. Imawildandcrazyguy: The last thing an NFL player wants to say to hard-line commissioner Roger Goodell.

6. Cowtown Cat: Phil Jackson’s nickname for Sacramento guard and former Arizona Wildcat Mike Bibby.

7. Street Sense: The logic that convinces Oakland closer Huston to walk Vladimir Guerrero with first base open.

8. Hard Spun: A NASCAR driver’s position, just after hitting the wall.

9. Liquidity: What makes you sweat, according to Yogi Berra.

10. Teuflesberg: German for “Devil’s Mountain,” representing the 3-1 deficit faced by New Jersey against Ottawa.

11. Bwana Bull: Nickname for actor Eric Bana, after he joins the Chicago Bulls and adds a “W” to his name to show his commitment to winning.

12. Nobiz Like Showbiz: Weber State business school course taught by Harold “The Show” Arceneaux.

13. Sam P.: A 1982 teammate of Michael J. and James W. in the NCAA championship showdown against Patrick E. and Sleepy F.

14. Scat Daddy: Shaquille O’Neal’s new nickname, after Shaq Daddy is traded to the Jazz.

15. Tiago: Usually seen as “T Iago” – what referee Joey Crawford would do in a production of Othello.

16. Circular Quay: Obscure British tennis player Cular Quay, who hopes to celebrate knighthood by ending the host country’s drought at Wimbledon. I’ll give you a minute on this one.

And DOWN the stretch they come!!!

17. Stormello: The Carmelo Anthony-inspired mascot of the WNBA’s Seattle Storm.

18. Any Given Saturday: A time of embarrassment for Duke football players.

19. Dominican: Reminiscent of Super Bowl standout Dominic Rhodes.

20. Great Hunter: What I’ll call Torii if he sends some Dom Perignon my way.