Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A Carolina-Duke Recap, In Iambic Heptameter

Duke’s J.J. Redick is well-known as a high scorer and deadly perimeter shooter.  He also has gained attention for writing horrendous poetry.  Much to the chagrin of UNC fans and Duke-haters everywhere, he’s been far more effective with the basketball than he is with a pen.  However, while my three-point prowess lags well behind his, I shoot fewer airballs with my verse.  With that in mind, here’s a poetic summary of last night’s North Carolina-Duke contest.



The game was anxiously awaited throughout Chapel Hill

An upset in the rivalry would generate huge thrills


Last year the hated Dukies won in Cameron by a point

Then Carolina’s rally made the Dome a rockin’ joint


The Heels made sure the fans would feel an even greater joy

When one month later they made a national champion out of Roy


But many thought the next campaign would simply go to hell

Since all the guys they knew were gone, except David Noel


The scene was different for the rivals just eight miles away

They became the favorites as Redick and Williams chose to stay


Another title for Coach K would drive Duke-haters mad

And he would truly make them vomit with those AmEx ads


So in November these teams had a different set of goals

The Devils were number 1, but the Heels were left out of the polls


But UNC surprised, with all the freshmen stepping up

They laid an egg at USC but beat UK at Rupp


Although they’re not the top dog, NIT-bound they just ain’t

With Coach Roy on the sideline and Tyler in the paint


But Redick’s been a superstar with 28 a game

Like Laettner back in ’92, opponents curse his name


His Dukies struggled at home against the Hokies and FSU

But only Georgetown took them down in their first 22


So Duke was a clear favorite in the matchup Tuesday night

But the home fans hoped to storm the court with feverish delight


Last year’s heroes Felton, May and Manuel were in town

But they just watched, and at the half the Heels were five points down


After the break their sloppy play caused Coach Williams to scream

“You’re killing me – stop passing the ball right to the other team!”


So all five starters came out with the Heels 17 behind

Roy even put Mike Copeland in – could he have lost his mind?


But the subs reduced the deficit and answered Coach’s call

Even Quentin Thomas didn’t throw away the ball


The starters then returned and proved to all the Heels weren’t dead

They crashed the boards and hit some 3’s, and soon they were ahead


The upset seemed attainable as fans stayed on their feet

But one guy spoiled all their plans for a party on Franklin Street


His first three years in crunch time, his shot attempts would brick

But this time Carolina had no answer for Redick.


He scored 22 in the second half for a total of 35

Now Morrison’s chance at the Wooden Award is no longer alive


The Heels did close to one after Redick passed into the stands

But next time when he lost the ball, it wound up in Paulus’s hands


Needing a three to tie, Carolina squandered its last chance

It’s moments like that the Heels could really use Rashad McCants


The Devils escaped after Danny Green’s last shot was off the mark

Now they’ll feel more hatred Saturday in College Park


There are no moral victories, but surely Roy feels proud

His gritty team will feel no fear in front of the Cameron crowd


But last year was the time for UNC to have the glory

They’ll be contenders again next year, but now it’s a different story


Like 2004, the Final Four is in the Dukies’ plans

So just like then, expect Chapel Hill to be filled with UConn fans