Friday, March 17, 2006

March Madness Limericks

Today provides two huge reasons to celebrate – St. Patrick’s Day, and another full day of NCAA tournament action. To honor the Big Dance and all things Irish, I will share these March Madness limericks with you. Feel free to raise a glass before enjoying them.

When it’s time for your office pool

Be careful when picking your school

If they lose right away

Co-workers will say

“Have fun in last place, you fool”

It’s a big time for all the mid-majors

Who could bring huge returns on your wagers

When they beat a top seed

Lots of fans will have need

For a couple of shots of Jager

When a shocking bid went to Air Force

Cincinnati fans screamed themselves hoarse

As the Illini

Bid the Falcons goodbye

The Bearcats remarked “Of course!”

Last week A&M was in trouble

As they struggled with life on the bubble

Now they’re into round two

To take on LSU

After leaving the Orange in rubble

There is a 9 seed named Bucknell

Thanks to them last year Kansas fell

Now the Bison are back

So beware Razorbacks

Or you’ll have 40 minutes of hell

When IU hit from long range late

They survived San Diego State

Davis is still around

For at least one more round

So the pleas for Steve Alford can wait

When Pacific matched up with BC

They battled through double OT

The Eagles were winners

Relieving Al Skinner

Who thought “these nail-biters kill me”

When it seemed that Gonzaga would crack

Morrison put them on his back

He scored 35

So the Zags would survive

Unlike the Nevada Wolf Pack

Last season the title was Roy’s

But this year he had to coach boys

All the critics threw up

As the freshmen grew up

And the Heels plan to make some more noise

It was hard for fans to believe

When a two seed the Vols received

Many thought they would drop

Right away to Winthrop

Until Lofton’s last-second heave

Now UCLA’s on a roll

With a Final Four berth as a goal

But if things fall apart

The fans can take heart

That USC lost the Rose Bowl

The Longhorns feel they have a chance

To celebrate next to Jim Nantz

Then Austin would rock

And claim the best jocks

As the hoopsters join Vince Young and Lance

Villanova has claimed a top seed

Thanks to guards with impressive speed

Though their team may be short

They feel a frontcourt

Is something they don’t really need

There is a proud coach named Calhoun

Who has Williams, Gay, Brown, and Boone

If his team comes to play

They could go all the way

But they might just as easily swoon

A top seed again goes to Duke

Whose success is surely no fluke

But when Dickie V screams

His love for this team

It makes other fans want to puke

When the tourney wraps up for the year

Then “One Shining Moment” you’ll hear

You may think it’s wrong

But this sappy song

Brings basketball fans to tears