Monday, October 10, 2005

Clemens vs. Devine

On Sunday, the Houston Astros eliminated the Atlanta Braves with an amazing 7–6 victory in 18 innings.  The result was not surprising, given the pitchers who ended the game.  Here is a comparison of the Astros’ Roger Clemens and the Braves’ Joey Devine.


Clemens:  Drafted in the first round by Boston in 1983

Devine:  Born in 1983


Clemens:  Has won 341 regular-season games in the major leagues

Devine:  Has won 0 regular-season games in the major leagues


Clemens:  Possesses nickname “The Rocket”

Devine:  Possesses name you’d expect from a strip club owner


Clemens:  Allowed second career grand slam in 17th major league season

Devine:  Allowed second career grand slam in second major league appearance


Clemens:  Earned $18 million this season

Devine:  Earned free buffalo wings on last visit to Hooters


Clemens:  Experienced great misery – watching Red Sox collapse in the 1986 World Series

Devine:  Experienced great misery – attending NC State


Clemens:  Has won 7 Cy Young Awards

Devine:  Sometimes sighs, and is young


Better days may lie ahead for Devine.  Clemens himself had to rebound from a postseason-ending loss in 2004.  Perhaps like the Rocket, the young Brave will respond in impressive fashion next season.  I just wouldn’t count on getting $18 million.