Sunday, August 28, 2005

NL West Sent To Minors

In an unprecedented move, the entire National League West division was demoted to AAA this morning.  The action was spurred by the horrendous performance of the division, lowlighted by a first-place San Diego Padres club at 63–65.  At an aggregate 71 games below .500, the West may be fortunate it was only sent down one level.


Major League Baseball officials noted that the NL West had been overmatched by big league pitching.  And hitting.  Further exposure to major league action may have severely damaged the division’s confidence.  Therefore, a stint in the Pacific Coast League was considered appropriate until the West is again ready to face big league competition.


The move is a humbling blow to the NL West, having been in the majors since 1969.  On the bright side, the minors are generally considered to be more fan-friendly.  Local businesses are eagerly looking forward to sponsoring kids’ sack races between innings.  Also, team chemistry should be improved as road trips will be made by bus rather than by plane, giving Jeff Kent and Milton Bradley ample time for bonding.


A league official insists that the move was for the NL West’s own good, and they remain confident in the division’s ability.  “If the West works hard and stays focused, good things will happen at the AAA level,” said the official.  “Once we’re satisfied the West can sustain that success, we’ll give it another shot in the bigs.”


There’s no word on whether that shot could happen this season.  It’s possible that the NL West could have to prove itself in spring training before being called up again.  Certainly not an ideal position for a proud veteran division.