Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Popcorn & Pop Flies

Among summer traditions in America, two of the most treasured are baseball and movies. While “The Bad News Bears” combines the two, many other movie titles from this summer could relate to America’s pastime. How, you ask? Grab a hot dog, turn off your cell phone, and watch!

Batman Begins: Derek Lee transforms from a solid player into the best hitter in baseball

Bewitched: How Cubs fans will be feeling yet again at season’s end

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Fed up with the harsh home fans, Phillies manager Manuel treats himself with a trip to Hershey

Fantastic Four: The number of wins for the Kansas City Royals in an average month

Herbie: Fully Loaded: An investigation into alleged steroid use by former Twins star Kent Hrbek

Land of the Dead: Crowd shots of Tropicana Field during a Devil Rays home game

The Longest Yard: Nickname, minus the expletives, used by San Diego Padres hitters for Petco Park

Pause for “Take Me Out To The Ballgame.” Feel free to invite a celebrity to deliver their rendition at your computer.

Madagascar: Where the Expos would have played 15 home games this season had the move to Washington not gone through

Mr. & Mrs. Smith: A new version of “The Bachelor” featuring Hall of Famer Ozzie in search of a new bride

War of the Worlds: Fox’s proposed “sexier” name for the World Series