Monday, August 22, 2005

Sports Before and After

One of the most enjoyable categories you’ll see on Jeopardy! is “Before and After.”  The answer combines two different subjects, with the end of the first subject being the start of the second.  For example, if I were to ask for the all-time major league hits leader who will host the BCS championship game this January, you would answer, “Pete Rose Bowl.”  Got it?  Sadly, I never had a “Before and After” category during my Jeopardy! career, but I’ve taken the liberty of creating numerous “Sports Before and After” questions for your enjoyment.  The answers are included at the end, and there’s no need to phrase your response in the form of a question.  Sorry, no Daily Doubles either.


Starting With the Home Team:

1.  2004 Democratic presidential candidate who let out an infamous scream and won a record 879 games as head coach.

2.  Long-time Las Vegas act who coached his team to the 2005 NCAA basketball championship.

3.  Refreshing mall staple who won the 2001 Lombardi Trophy.

4.  2005 Final Four Most Outstanding Player who’s a “Star Wars” catchphrase.

And One For the Rivals:

5.  Night Ranger hit song about the player who hit a famous buzzer-beater vs. Kentucky.

A Philly Sports Fan’s Worst Nightmare:

6.  Talented but oft-injured Dodgers outfielder who represents Terrell Owens.

For Fans of “The Simpsons”:

7.  Game-ending round-tripper who says, “D’oh!”

8.  All-Star second baseman who’s a Springfield newscaster.

9.  European Ryder Cup standout who owns a nuclear power plant.

10.  Elementary school employee who hit 660 home runs in the major leagues.

And the Rest:

11.  1994 National League MVP who’s a catchphrase used by the Church Lady.

12.  Female tennis star of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s who’s a long-running CBS sitcom.

13.  Eagles pass rusher who haunted Red Sox fans for 86 years.

14.  Star Lakers guard from West Virginia who recounted the feud between the Sharks and the Jets.

15.  Denver baseball player who’s the movie in which Ivan Drago kills Apollo Creed.

16.  Long-time Detroit Red Wings star who’s a Joey Tribbiani catchphase.

17.  Star Packers running back who’s a beloved Dr. Seuss work.

18.  1997 National League MVP who’s a Chuck Norris TV show.

19.  Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan movie who won horse racing’s triple crown in 1977.

20.  Survivor hit song about this year’s Masters and British Open champion.

21.  “Diff’rent Strokes” catchphrase who inspired Knicks in 1970 NBA Finals.

22.  2001 Heisman Trophy winner who’s a critically-acclaimed action film from China.

23.  Hockey player in Canadian capital city who’s a memorable line from Lloyd Bentsen.

24.  D.C. baseball player who’s a comedy set at Faber College.

25.  First Indiana Jones movie, about the 1994 NCAA basketball champions.



1.  Howard Dean Smith

2.  Siegfried and Roy Williams

3.  Orange Julius Peppers

4.  Sean May the Force Be With You

5.  Sister Christian Laettner

6.  J.D. Drew Rosenhaus

7.  Walk-off Homer Simpson

8.  Jeff Kent Brockman

9.  Colin Montgomerie Burns

10.  Groundskeeper Willie Mays

11.  Jeff Bagwell Isn’t That Special?

12.  Billie Jean King of Queens

13.  Jevon Kearse of the Bambino

14.  Jerry West Side Story

15.  Colorado Rockie IV

16.  Gordie Howe You Doin’?

17.  Ahman Green Eggs and Ham

18.  Larry Walker, Texas Ranger

19.  Sleepless in Seattle Slew

20.  Eye of the Tiger Woods

21.  Watchu Talkin’ Bout, Willis Reed?

22.  Eric Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

23.  Ottawa Senator, You’re No Jack Kennedy

24.  Washington National Lampoon’s Animal House

25.  Raiders of the Lost Arkansas Razorbacks